Our adventure with indie Games Development began in 2015 with Construct 2. That year we made our first indie game. It was a simple quiz for the Android platform but unfortunately it’s not available in the Google Play store anymore.

In 2016 Toby R, a programmer with over 15 years of experience, decided to start writing addons to make his development in Construct more comfortable and faster. That’s why addons appeared also in the Old Scirra Store – to give other devs the opportunity to make creating games more comfortable and faster. So it shouldn’t be weird that hundreds of Construct 2 developers were happy, they could use them and make their development easier.

Until February 2021, Toby’s addons were available in the old store, but Scirra decided to close it and open the New Asset Store, dedicated for Construct 3 users. That was the main reason why we decided to add our addons dedicated for C3 as well. That was the beginning of – a place where we want to make Construct Indie Game Developers work better and easier.

We also make new useful tools (like documentation and new addons) thanks to your suggestions. So if you have any ideas for mroe useful stuff let us know (check the contact site here). We believe together we can make indie game development easier to all of us.

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