Category: Plugins

Advanced, customizable, visual bars to present amounts of points such health, mana, stamina and more

It's a simple 3-column (position, name, score) leaderboard with a customizable appearance.

TR_ClockParser is the plugin which makes timer display more comfortable. It simply converts number of seconds to clock-string. There are few expressions to use.

Construct 2 Plugin that extends the existing Sprite Font native plugin to include richer support for individual character widths during editing and runtime, made by Chris Kent.

Global plugin that allow for relatively easy and efficient implementation of an in-game inventory system

MiniMap plugin is an addon, which allows for quick and easy implementation of an in-game map that shows the actual position of objects in the area (layout). This can be a mini-map, typical for strategy games, as well as a “full sized” map like in RPGs (world map).

Levels Manager is a Construct 3 plugin to manage your worlds and levels easily. It's suitable solution for plenty of games featuring game progression based on completion of consecutive stages such as platformers, puzzles, shooters and more.

MM Unloader is a plugin for managing memory resources in your Construct 2 projects. You can remove unused assets (Sprite, Sprite Font, Tiled Backgrounds etc) from RAM.

MM Preloader allows you to efficiently preload content of your game. In result, you can make custom preloading screens when loading the game or transitioning between layouts to make the gameplay more smooth and player-friendly.

Globals 2.0 plugin has extra dedicated features. To be more specific - you can save variables to JSON files, as well as load them.