Category: Behaviors

Behavior that allows for easy tracking and management of in-game properties such as healthm, mana, stamina, energy etc.

Animated Counter is the Construct behavior dedicated for text type objects, such as Text or Sprite Font. With dedicated actions and conditions you can easily make a displayed number gradually increase or decrease, making an impression of a real-time counting.

Weapon System is a Construct behavior that serves as manager of weapons and their properties. It is mostly designed for shooter games but can be used with any other game where a player or enemy can have multiple weapons with various properties. Not only guns but melee weapons as well or even magical spells.

EasyIsometric behavior helps you with creating an “isometric” perspective with 2D assets by making an impression of third dimension (sometimes called “2,5D”). In result it’s a great solution for many games like RPG, shooters, building simulators, hack’n’slash, survivial and more.

Level is a Construct behavior that serves as a tracker and manager of experience points and experience levels - a well known mechanic commonly used in role-play games as well as in other genres. It is a core mechanic of many games, almost a standard solution.