How you can show your game to thousands of players in a few days (includes The List of over 100 Portals with free online games)

You release a game, and more than 1 000 000 players a day see it exists. Sounds interesting? Of course, it does. And in this article, we want to let you know how you can achieve this.

Nowadays, when thousands of new games are released each year on Steam (almost 9 800 in 2020 – data by SteamSpy), you need to have an intelligent strategy to make players aware your game exists.

There is still one underestimated way you can use to let players know that your game exists. And they will be able to play it whenever they want.

What is that way? Yes, you’re right – portals with the free online games.

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Example to understand the power of portals

Let’s check the stats of a popular portal –

As we checked, 32 900 000 players visited it in June 2021 (data by SimilarWeb).

And what does it mean? Let’s do some math. We promise – it’ll be easy!

32 900 000 users/ month

1 month = 30 days

32 900 000 users : 30 days = almost 1 100 000 players/ day

The conclusion: 1 100 000 players would have a possibility to see your game in just one day! How is that possible? portal has a homepage with a Featured New Games section. So imagine your game is fun enough, and it appears there.

Your game can stay there for a few days – let’s say for 3 days. It means that more than 3 000 000 players can see your game and play it. 3 000 000 people who already know your game exists. 

How to achieve this

So what do you think about adding your game to game portals now? Do you see how it can help you to have more players?

What you need to do is to choose a portal, adjust your game to a portal version (check the requirements of a portal to have it compatible), contact website owners and ask them to add your game. There are portals where you have an option to submit your game. So it’s even more accessible. If they are ok with your game, they’ll add it. And you’ll have one important channel to get new players.

The List of Portals

You find the link to The List of Portals below. Thanks to that, you won’t need to spend hours researching the Internet for them. We’re going to update it once a month with new portals we find and monthly users, so you’ll have updated data each month. Feel free to use it and let more players know that your game is available.

Bonus: Get the List of Portals with free online games which can help you to get more players to your game