How YouTubers can help you with your game promotion (includes Free List of YouTubers)

We all know how important YouTubers are to game developers. Both they and their viewers can definitely increase the number of players for your game. If you wonder about using this communication channel to show your game to the world, the answer is - Yes! That's why we made The List of YouTubers. You can find it here. Additionally, we give you some ideas, how you can use this list to help your game become popular.

Start with this

We have to be honest with you. If you want YouTubers playing your game, the most important thing is to have an awesome game. We’ll say it again: you need to have an awesome game. If you have it, you can move forward with promotion.

The List - what does it include?

We focused on two crucial things about YouTube channels:

  • they have to be gaming channels,
  • and the last video can’t be older than 14 days.

Bonus: Get the Free List of gaming YouTubers which help you with making your promotion plan better.

How can you contact a YouTuber?

You can usually find contact information in the About channel tab. So it’s not that hard to send a message to YouTubers. It’s harder to catch their attention.

If you can’t find an email address to contact a YouTuber, try to do this by using some other channels you find in his or her About section:

  • discord servers,
  • social media (Facebook, Instagram etc.),
  • or suggest your game title in the video comments section.

Even if contacting YouTubers is not always easy, some of them wish game developers would contact them. And you can find such info in their channel description. This way they increase the number of cooperation offers they get and it’s an easy way to have an opportunity for playing new games easily and usually for free. It applies mostly to less popular YouTubers, but they are good for the beginning anyway. You should appreciate any feedback at that stage.


The 1st tip: Before you send the first message to YouTubers, consider how much effort you want to put in this type of promotion. Maybe you know better ways to show your game to players? If you do, maybe focus on them?

The 2nd tip: Focus on contact with less popular YouTubers (e.g. 50k – 100k subscribers). They shouldn’t have as many requests from developers as the most popular ones. These YouTubers (50k – 100k) also have many viewers and that’s what you need. So focus on one group and start contacting it. This way you increase your chance they’ll play your game and record a video. It’s also good feedback watching someone who plays your game.

The 3rd tip: Work on a text message before you open your email box. It’s always better to think twice about what exactly you want to say to a YouTuber. Why should he or she play your game? Why will his or her viewers will like a video with this game? Write briefly and to the point. They don’t have time to read long emails.

Bonus: Get the Free List of gaming YouTubers which help you with making your promotion plan better.

Whatever you are going to do we wish you good luck! And hope our List will help you with this.