How to keep your current players and let them know about your future games and updates? (BONUS: 6 game examples)

We all know how important it is to get to new players when we release a game. Especially if we talk about free to play mobile or web games where competition is enormous. In this article, I write about the importance of staying in touch with players to have a chance to let them know about your latest updates or releases.

Nowadays, when many people use social media, you should think about using them in your game as well. Here I want to show you examples of games, how you can use them in your game.

As I mentioned, getting new players is very important. And if you get some, what can you do to stay in touch with them? Use game features and put links there links to your social media channels.

Giving them just such opportunity is a big improvement, but you can do more. Encourage players to visit your social media. Give them a reward in game for that and make them happy.

One of the most popular example?

Add a Facebook button in the game -> Offer some gold (if it’s your currency in game) for pressing the button -> A player visits your social media account -> He backs to the game and you give him gold

TIP: You won’t be able to check if a player pressed a “Follow” button on a social media side, so you need to give him reward just for visiting your social media account. But players don’t know that, so there is a big chance they will follow you as you wished.

Below you find 6 games mobile games examples where they put their social media buttons and how many followers they have in social media. Check how developers use them!

Idle Miner

When you open Settings window, you find Social media buttons to visit developer’s accounts.

Find the game here.



As in the idle Miner, you need to open Settings popup to see social media buttons.

Find the game here.


Prince of Persia

Social media buttons are in the Main menu screen, so it’s visible all the time before a game.

Find the game here.


Traffic Rider

You can get gold if you visit the developer’s social media accounts. For this, you have a particular feature in the main menu.

Find the game here.



In this game, social media buttons are a bit hidden. They are in the Inbox window, so it looks like developers don’t focus to show them to a player as the important thing.

Find the game here.


Mr. Gun

Like in Traffic Rider, by pressing social media buttons, you receive gold as a reward.

Find the game here.